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Attached To Breastfeeding

If Lyric nurses as long as Raine, it will be over 5 years straight that I have been breastfeeding. Yes, sometimes I just want my nipple back. And I will never forget the time I had six milk blisters at the same time on one from my youngest as a newborn. Or the plugged duct that caused such painful engorgement I couldn’t even sleep on my right side. (Luckily we were tandem nursing then and Raine saved me.) I’ll never forget the rejection and disappointment I felt when my oldest at 9 months went on a nursing strike and even LLL didn’t know what to say. But you know what? I’ll always remember the hilariously adorable look of both my babies smiles while they nursed. Or the little sigh of relief when they finally eat. I’ll always remember looking at them and thinking it’s because of my milk that baby is so chunky! And awkwardly lying in bed with each of them nursing off one side trying to make sure both were getting what they needed. I’ll always remember the comfort and security nursing gave them and the quiet cuddling and bonding time it gave me. Nursing really did help me build a special relationship with my boys.

I’ve never had to wean a child before. Raine just self weaned when he was ready. I can remember the last time he nursed. He was sick and asked in the morning to have “nom-noms” (as we call it). He never cried when he stopped and neither did I. It was so gradual and I think we were both ready. But I’m not sure I realized the significance of that chapter coming to an end because really nursing didn’t end for me. I know it will all hit me when Lyric stops.

I believe I have become attached to it as well. It’s become a part of life now. How bittersweet the end will be…

I’ve only ever heard people wish that they had breastfed longer. Never that they nursed their child too long.


Routine Chaos

Welcome to the madhouse! There is no routine, just chaos. & We serve lethal amounts of caffeine.

Since our youngest was born our beautifully choreographed routine with our oldest slowly started to deteriorate to next to nothing. I honestly think that this has contributed to negative behavioral changes in Raine. I believe it when they say that children thrive off of routine. I personally hate it. I love me some spontaneity, but hey! The sacrifices we make. I am not willing, however, to sacrifice our child’s security or sense of order. He is important and just because the baby has switched things around doesn’t mean his life should be compromised. So I created a rough routine last night. Take a look:

Raines Routine

8:00 AM – Wake up/breakfast
9:00 AM – Playtime (no tv)
10:00 AM – Snack
11:00 AM – Color or craft
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM – Lunch
2:00 PM – Playtime
3:00 PM – Snack
4:00 PM – Free time
5:00 – 6:00 PM – Dinner
7:00 PM – Playtime (no tv)
7:30 PM – Clean toys/Snack
8:00 PM – Brush Teeth/Book/Bedtime

And here is the babies:

Lyrics Routine

8:00 AM – Wake up/nurse
9:00 AM – Tummy time
10:00 AM – Solids
11:00 – 12:00 PM – Nurse/nap
1:00 – 2:00 PM – Playtime
3:00 PM – Nurse/Nap
4:00 – 6:00 PM – Nurse/Solids/Nap
7:00 PM – Playtime
8:00 PM – Book/Nurse/Bedtime

I’m planning on combining the two and living a peaceful existence. If anything, I’m just hoping for more order in our day. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Nursing: The Age-Old Turned Taboo

For the record, I may be a breastfeeding enthusiast but I am far from thinking I’m better than someone because they chose to formula feed. What I hate is the fact that i feel wrong breastfeeding my child because of all of the narrow-minded people that seem to think that natural is wrong. That I’m odd for not giving my child the imitation. The same way I get a sideways look when my kid is crying and I haven’t popped the pacifier that we don’t own in his mouth.

I would never make someone feel bad or strange for such a personal decision and I expect the same courtesy. But apparently in today’s society with everybody judging and thinking their way is the right way there is no room to let people make the best conscious decision for their situation without feeling awkward or uncomfortable.

I nursed my first born for 28 months. And I can guarantee you that if I hadn’t had the support of my husband and mother I wouldn’t have lasted even 6 months. Even with that support I hide behind the WHOs recommendation.

I’m embarrassed and proud of breastfeeding my 7 month old as well. I hate covering his head with a blanket while he eats. Yet if that’s what I have to do to get by nursing my child until he is ready to wean then that is what I will do with a smile on my face.

Children’s Environmental Architect

What, you ask, is a Children’s Environmental Architect?

Well.. We work 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure a safe, happy and educational environment for children. We entertain and teach in a boundless way. Censoring, mediating and facilitating countless activities. We direct and redirect attention as needed. We provide a type of security that trumps even the Presidents. We sacrifice for the greater good. We know how to play to the audience for a laugh. We serve snacks, breakfast, lunch & dinner (always with a side of love) that may someday create tradition. We erect dangerously high Lego towers and the like, only for them to be knocked down. We help heal injuries and with one hug, can cure a scare. We always have our arms wide open. We may lick our thumb to clean a sticky face but we wash, scrub and sanitize better and faster than the professionals. We “have the highest paying job because the salary is pure love”.

We build homes while we raise people.

I am one of the many stay at home moms that does not want to be defined, but respected, by the title.

Exchanging Retail Therapy for Cleaning!

I am one of those people that actually enjoys cleaning and organizing. I find it therapeutic. I get totally in the moment and focus only on the task at hand which is probably the reason I find it to be such a stress reducer. It’s almost as if when the house is cluttered and messy, my mind is as well. That’s why this time of year is right up my alley. Spring Cleaning! A full fledge excuse to go cleaning crazy. Don’t mind if I do!

I’ve been working long and hard to create the perfect spring cleaning checklist for myself and I think I’m finally ready. Here it is: My spring cleaning list. Feel free to print one for yourself! The checklist has been strategically organized by rooms according to my game plan. I’m tackling all the closets first to get everything out in the open and I’ll end off doing the windows, light fixtures, trim, doors and floors of the whole house. I know I won’t be able to get everything done in one day but I’m so looking forward to checking all those little boxes off!

What are your best spring cleaning tips? Do you find it cleansing too?

10 Changes That Cement My Status As Mom

10. I hardly ever do my makeup anymore. I know it’s cliche but for someone that used to cake it on everyday (even though I’ve gotten out of that habit) it’s still strange that putting makeup is a treat now.

9. I will respond to one text but don’t count on a conversation. As soon as the iPhone is in sight games are being played by little hands.

8. I carry TWO enormous bags with me at all times. I have yet to find the perfect purse/diaper bag combo & I just can’t let go of my ginormous purse.

7. I always make breakfast, lunch & dinner but usually only eat 2/3 and it’s probably cold by the time I get to it. Somehow my growling tummy is always second to something else getting done.

6. I do very, very weird things and make spontaneous loud noises just to get a laugh. I don’t care how embarrassing, their laughter is worth it.

5. I will stay up late to get some me time even though I know I will pay for it the next day. I know I should be asleep but I can’t resist the temptation to do absolutely nothing productive.

4. I always have a little helper by my side. Whether it’s cooking or fixing something, little eyes are watching and want in on it.

3. I spell my cuss words. This is a big step for my sailors mouth. Trying to keep it classy.

2. I will use any excuse to get a kiss, hug and/or cuddle. It’s amazing how that can brighten my whole day.

1. I never get lonely whilst I pee. If it’s not my boys, it’s the cat who seems to think potty time is snuggle time.

The simple way we reduced the dreaded grocery bill

I’m no extreme couponer but when I figured out a ridiculously easy way to save us money on our grocery bill I remember thinking.. “I get it now.” There is something to be said (and applauded) about finding simple ways to save money that anyone, anywhere can do.

It all started one day when we found ourselves dinnerless 10 days after spending $500.00 in groceries for a month. We sat there with our stale bread and water (okay, I’m exaggerating) and tried to convince ourselves that it was right.. But.. Alas, there is no way in any way that we should have had no food after spending that amount of money! My grandparents were shaking their fingers at me from the heavens! Wasteful!

So this was the simple solution. A list. Okay, two lists. I lied. Three. But who doesn’t love lists? I guess the third is optional.

One: A list of meals. I write (okay, type) out a months worth of meals.

Two: A grocery list of said meals and whatever else you need. I created this why-yes-it-adds-it-up-for-you-and-totals-at-the-bottom GROCERY LIST to aid in my shopping. I make sure to keep my eyes out for deals online and in flyers then I enter the prices into the list so I know what I’m going in for and how much we’re going to spend.

Three: A monthly meal plan. For everyone that is as forgetful as me and never takes out dinner for the next day in time to thaw. I lovelovelove THESE! I found filling one of those bad boys out (with the meals you have already listed!) helped immensely. Hubs was impressed.

ANNNND! Ta-da! We spent $350.00 on a months worth of meals all thanks to going in with a plan and not letting our tummies do the shopping. We chopped our grocery bill almost in HALF! Easy as 1-2-3! 😉

I will fear the receipt no more!

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