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Our Birth Stories

I consider myself lucky that I had fairly quick and easy natural births with both my sons. I definitely have to credit my husband for being my rock & such a great birth partner. We took birthing classes with a Doula and they were well worth it. I have to give her some credit as well because with both births I kept a relaxation excercise she had us do in mind and it helped me immensely! We had to hold onto a piece of ice for one minute, twice. The first time, just sitting there holding it. The next time, lying down with music and finding a relaxing place with her talking us through it. The difference it made was amazing to me. The breathing techniques were also a HUGE part of getting me through each contraction! It was very important to me to have natural births and I’m so proud to say I did it!

Here are the stories of my two babies: 

  • Raine

Raines expected due date was May 22nd 2009 but at our prenatal checkup on the 8th of May I was already 2 cm dilated! So naturally with it being our first time, we started to freak! Packed the rest of our hospital bag, called all the immediate family and told my work I wouldn’t be coming in. The day was really here! When we got home I went to the bathroom and lost my mucus plug but still could not feel any contractions. I woke up at about 1am to the first of them but they were so weak that I went back to sleep until 6am only because of excitement. With the contractions still weak we walked around for hours, I took a bath, and drank raspberry leaf tea to try to get things gong. I honestly don’t think any of that made a difference. Around 5pm the contractions finally started to get stronger and after my hubs convincing me twice to wait longer (I wanted to stay out of the hospital for as long as possible) we rushed there at 9pm with my contractions 30 seconds long and 5-8 mins apart. I was 5cm dilated so they took me to L&D right away where I paced around and my sister drenched my face and the back of my neck with cold cloths (It felt like heaven!). I’m not sure when but we decided to break my water and within 5 minutes I was 8 cm and huffing back on the laughing gas like it was air! Not long after that I felt the urge to push and we were ready to go! After pushing for a half hour, and the doctor trying to tell me LITTLE pushes (Come on! Really?!) because his shoulder was stuck, our beautiful baby boy was born 8 lbs 5 oz at 12:19AM on May 10th 2009 (Mothers day)!

  • Lyric

Lyrics expected due date was September 1st 2011. I had my bloody show on August 17th but lost hope of impending labour after about the 3rd day with no action. On August 30th at about 3am, I woke up to mild contractions. I was hoping that they weren’t real because I had horrible Braxton Hicks all throughout my pregnancy with him and it was waaay too early in the morning! But they could not be ignored and just kept on getting stronger. I spent hours just breathing and on the birth ball but by about 5am I felt like it was time to go to the hospital even though my contractions weren’t consistent in time between and length. When we got there I was 5cm (just like the first time!) but I remember feeling pleasantly surprised at how easily I was handling the contractions. They took me to L&D and wanted to break my water right away! I got very close to my old friend, the laughing gas, again and the nurse actually commented on what a great team me & the hubs were when it came to breathing (yay!). There wasn’t even really enough time to think though! I only got to 7cm dilated before I felt the undeniable urge to push! They told me that his head was down and it was time! Pushing was terrible but after about an hour, our second beautiful baby boy was born 8 lb 7 oz at 8:45AM on August 30th 2011!


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