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Ultimate Blog Party 2012!

Well hello!
I’m so excited to be joining UBP 12!
Ultimate Blog Party 2012

I’m Cassie! A stay-at-home mom to two boys – 3 years and 7 months. They definitly keep me on my toes. I breastfeed. Like most moms, i’ve got to have my coffee. I supplement that addiction with tea so i can sleep at night. Actually, i just tell myself that. I’ve always been a night hawk. If you want to read more about me you can click here!

Momity is fairly new and it’s really just something to do for ME in the wee hours of the night when I just want to sit and do nothing productive. I think I may be addicted.

This is the first event of it’s kind that i’ve ever been in on so I can’t wait to see where it takes me. It will be fun to go though the lists and view some blogs! I’m hopeful that i’ll find some I can relate to.

So, there we go!

Love, love, love!

The Secret World Of Mom: Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me?!

So many times, especially with my first, I found myself thinking “Why didn’t anyone tell me?!”. I wish someone had let me in on all the strange and fantastic things that can go on during the crazy transition into parenting and even after. When I was pregnant I noticed I received countless knowing smiles from every mom I saw. Now I know why and give that same knowing smile to moms-to-be and moms too. It’s essentially involuntarily joining a secret club. Just like parenting, you really have no clue until you’re in it. There are some things that are not mentioned (at least not to me!) about the whole birthing, baby & becoming a parent thing. Maybe some are things you just won’t understand until you’re a parent. Maybe some people just forgot. Maybe some didn’t want to make you more nervous than you already were. We shouldn’t mask the good, the bad, or the ugly about child birth & raising. Smile that knowing smile or cringe along with me. This is what I wish I had known.

  • Delivering the placenta is just as painful!
  • They push in on your stomach after giving birth and hours later multiple time. I would take contractions, or even a stab in the eye, over this torture any day.
  • You might get the shakes and/or your limbs can go numb before, during and after.
  • Stitches hurt. Whether you had an episiotomy or just tore. Think razor blades & fire when you piddle.
  • You probably heard about babies first poop but no one told you how much yours would hurt. Take the softeners.
  • The pain doesn’t stop once baby is out. No, they don’t let you off that easy. You still get contractions for a while. Worse yet if you breastfeed.
  • You will miss feeling baby in your belly.
  • The leftover skin feels very strange. Like bread dough. I kneaded it a little, even pulled a Homer Simpson and flopped it about.
  • Cone head looks weiiiird.
  • There is no way to prep your nipples for breastfeeding. It can hurt but it WILL get better.
  • Sex could be painful afterwards.
  • I didn’t know that if you sneeze you just might pee your pants until after the fact. There is a reason for Kegels!
  • Babies are born with crazy primal reflexes. If a baby feels like they are falling they will reach their hands out to grab. And I’m sorry but your newborn can’t really walk.
  • The mom guilt is astounding. It’ll getcha.
  • You will wake up to a crying, doo-doo covered crib & baby at least once.
  • You will discover just how little sleep you can actually survive on.
  • Make sure you have baby Tylenol, gripe water & gas drops handy, always. The day you don’t is the day you will need it.
  • Most of the fears are groundless.

What are some of the things about birth, baby and becoming a parent that you didn’t expect or wish someone had told you?

The Itchy-Scratchy Fight

We figured the dry itchy red patches were almost inevitable. I have psoriasis and hubs has mild eczema as well as my sister and two of his brothers. The boys didn’t stand a chance!

They reared their ugly heads almost right away with Raine. The Johnson’s baby wash and cream we came to love (for the smell, of course) only seemed to inflame it. Aside from the odd patch here and there, his eczema was mainly concentrated in the bends of his body. Arms, legs, neck. Until the winter after his first birthday. I had never seen it and with a boy that has naturally rosy cheeks, i think it was too late when we realized what was going on. Before we knew it, he had scratched his cheeks RAW. I had no clue what to do! I felt horrible for my poor boy. And to blame. We ran to the doctor who prescribed him a cortisone cream (I think it was about .2% but I can’t say for certain). After a few days of torturing our son with this cream, we noticed a yellowish puss coming from his cheeks! They had gotten infected. Back to the doctor for that banana flavored antibiotic which he actually enjoyed and another prescription.

I religiously read even pamphlet that comes with any medicine and I had never been more happy about this quirk of mine until I read the first few lines of the information sheet from the pharmacist. I threw the tube in the trash so quickly that I didn’t even catch the name nor did I care to. It wasn’t that the medication was not recommended for children under two, no, I understand in some circumstances the benefits out way the risks. It was the fact that the first paragraph was a warning that the medication had been known to cause skin cancer. SKIN CANCER! I was furious. Flabbergasted. Something else that begins with F. I have yet to take my son back there. Instead, on recommendation from my sisters friend whose child had been through the same kind of eczema cheek stress, we sauntered over to The Body Shop for a product called Hemp Balm. At this point, I would have rubbed straight cannabis leaves on his face if I knew it would heal his wittle cheekys. So with the infection gone, we gave the balm a shot. We put it on at night with some struggle and what a difference it made, even by morning! I began to think of it as miracle balm. All the creams we had tried before (Aveeno Baby Eczema Cream, Spectro, Cetaphil) started to sting his skin after awhile but not our miracle balm.

I’m happy to say that I believe he is actually growing out of it. I dread winter for the dry skin it brings but to my surprise only a scatter few patches plagued him this year. I thought we were in the clear. That notion ended a few days ago when I opened Lyrics sleeper to see my old nemesis staring back at me and then just like his brother spread to the chin, neck and (even though I begged not again) his chubby cheeks within days. I had noticed him scratching his chest and now assume itching has been what’s keeping my good sleeper up at night. I had a flashback of the horrible feeling of helplessness watching my baby scratch his face raw and not being able to cure the itch. I brought out the trusted miracle balm and am hoping for one!


Here’s to cream three times a day and shorter, lukewarm, nightly baths.

(I was once told that apple juice makes eczema worse. Is there any truth to this? Because little man loves his apple sauce.)

Even Brotherly Like Would Do.

I swear, to Raine the baby doesn’t even exist unless he is forced to acknowledge Lyric or he’s mad. There has been the occasional time he’s shown a little interest and I feel I always do what I can to encourage interaction or include the baby. But I mean I get it… Raine was my world and now I have to divide my attention and can’t do some of the things we used to do together. I still struggle with that and feeling like I don’t get enough quality time with both.

I have to say, tonight was a good night in regards to showing some attention. In the bath Raine (with some encouragement) was showing and trying to tell Lyric what a splash was and got both a laugh and cry out of him. After they got out and dressed we had some family play time. While we were all playing monster Raine actually included Lyric in his “nom”ing of everything. Then as the night was winding down and I was lying on the floor talking with a rolling Lyric, Raine came and lay on his belly with us. I thought this was adorable and then he started to play “Lyrics gonna get me” for about 5 minutes. A record in this house. It melted my heart. Maybe that sounds silly but when I envisioned having two boys they were always playing, making each other laugh, hugging, getting into the cookie jar together. To finally see a glimpse of that vision was heart warming. I know what it means for me to have my sister. And I’m so happy we decided to give them that. I know it’s going to take some time but I just can’t wait to see their relationship bloom!

What isn’t better homemade?

Making your own baby food? It seems like a hassle. And it can be. Not being sure about when something is past it’s prime (like purĂ©ed bananas) is a big worry for me. But I feel proud making my baby his food. Not only do I know what exactly is in it, I know it’s healthier for him AND cheaper on us! (not to mention sans glass!)

Recently I made our own baby cereal! It was something I hadn’t even thought of before. We nixed the shudder inducing rice cereal and Lyric now actually enjoys the homemade oatmeal.


I added a bit of apple sauce which he loves and boom! Tailor-made baby food. I feel good about it. And that’s what matters isn’t it? Feeling good and secure about the choices we make for our children.

Score one for mom and dad. The man, zero.

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