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Children’s Environmental Architect

What, you ask, is a Children’s Environmental Architect?

Well.. We work 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure a safe, happy and educational environment for children. We entertain and teach in a boundless way. Censoring, mediating and facilitating countless activities. We direct and redirect attention as needed. We provide a type of security that trumps even the Presidents. We sacrifice for the greater good. We know how to play to the audience for a laugh. We serve snacks, breakfast, lunch & dinner (always with a side of love) that may someday create tradition. We erect dangerously high Lego towers and the like, only for them to be knocked down. We help heal injuries and with one hug, can cure a scare. We always have our arms wide open. We may lick our thumb to clean a sticky face but we wash, scrub and sanitize better and faster than the professionals. We “have the highest paying job because the salary is pure love”.

We build homes while we raise people.

I am one of the many stay at home moms that does not want to be defined, but respected, by the title.

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