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Nursing: The Age-Old Turned Taboo

For the record, I may be a breastfeeding enthusiast but I am far from thinking I’m better than someone because they chose to formula feed. What I hate is the fact that i feel wrong breastfeeding my child because of all of the narrow-minded people that seem to think that natural is wrong. That I’m odd for not giving my child the imitation. The same way I get a sideways look when my kid is crying and I haven’t popped the pacifier that we don’t own in his mouth.

I would never make someone feel bad or strange for such a personal decision and I expect the same courtesy. But apparently in today’s society with everybody judging and thinking their way is the right way there is no room to let people make the best conscious decision for their situation without feeling awkward or uncomfortable.

I nursed my first born for 28 months. And I can guarantee you that if I hadn’t had the support of my husband and mother I wouldn’t have lasted even 6 months. Even with that support I hide behind the WHOs recommendation.

I’m embarrassed and proud of breastfeeding my 7 month old as well. I hate covering his head with a blanket while he eats. Yet if that’s what I have to do to get by nursing my child until he is ready to wean then that is what I will do with a smile on my face.



  Laotian Commotion wrote @

You have my support, mama! I felt shameful when I used the hooter hider because all that meant to me was that I was conforming and that it indeed was indecent and taboo.

I ditched that damn cover and he nurses whenever and wherever at 13 months 🙂

  Cassie wrote @

Good for you for finding the courage!!

  amummysview wrote @

I’m with that comment. Don’t worry about what people think, it’s natural and you have every right. I never even used to notice, I fed whenever and wherever too. Well done for managing so long too it’s not always easy! xxx

  Cassie wrote @

Good for you too! That’s lovely to hear. It’s liberating. And thank you 🙂

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