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Exchanging Retail Therapy for Cleaning!

I am one of those people that actually enjoys cleaning and organizing. I find it therapeutic. I get totally in the moment and focus only on the task at hand which is probably the reason I find it to be such a stress reducer. It’s almost as if when the house is cluttered and messy, my mind is as well. That’s why this time of year is right up my alley. Spring Cleaning! A full fledge excuse to go cleaning crazy. Don’t mind if I do!

I’ve been working long and hard to create the perfect spring cleaning checklist for myself and I think I’m finally ready. Here it is: My spring cleaning list. Feel free to print one for yourself! The checklist has been strategically organized by rooms according to my game plan. I’m tackling all the closets first to get everything out in the open and I’ll end off doing the windows, light fixtures, trim, doors and floors of the whole house. I know I won’t be able to get everything done in one day but I’m so looking forward to checking all those little boxes off!

What are your best spring cleaning tips? Do you find it cleansing too?


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  amummysview wrote @

Wow you are organised! You will feel great when it’s all done. I do but then end up cluttered again straight away! lol! Enjoy! xxx

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