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The simple way we reduced the dreaded grocery bill

I’m no extreme couponer but when I figured out a ridiculously easy way to save us money on our grocery bill I remember thinking.. “I get it now.” There is something to be said (and applauded) about finding simple ways to save money that anyone, anywhere can do.

It all started one day when we found ourselves dinnerless 10 days after spending $500.00 in groceries for a month. We sat there with our stale bread and water (okay, I’m exaggerating) and tried to convince ourselves that it was right.. But.. Alas, there is no way in any way that we should have had no food after spending that amount of money! My grandparents were shaking their fingers at me from the heavens! Wasteful!

So this was the simple solution. A list. Okay, two lists. I lied. Three. But who doesn’t love lists? I guess the third is optional.

One: A list of meals. I write (okay, type) out a months worth of meals.

Two: A grocery list of said meals and whatever else you need. I created this why-yes-it-adds-it-up-for-you-and-totals-at-the-bottom GROCERY LIST to aid in my shopping. I make sure to keep my eyes out for deals online and in flyers then I enter the prices into the list so I know what I’m going in for and how much we’re going to spend.

Three: A monthly meal plan. For everyone that is as forgetful as me and never takes out dinner for the next day in time to thaw. I lovelovelove THESE! I found filling one of those bad boys out (with the meals you have already listed!) helped immensely. Hubs was impressed.

ANNNND! Ta-da! We spent $350.00 on a months worth of meals all thanks to going in with a plan and not letting our tummies do the shopping. We chopped our grocery bill almost in HALF! Easy as 1-2-3! 😉

I will fear the receipt no more!


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