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What isn’t better homemade?

Making your own baby food? It seems like a hassle. And it can be. Not being sure about when something is past it’s prime (like puréed bananas) is a big worry for me. But I feel proud making my baby his food. Not only do I know what exactly is in it, I know it’s healthier for him AND cheaper on us! (not to mention sans glass!)

Recently I made our own baby cereal! It was something I hadn’t even thought of before. We nixed the shudder inducing rice cereal and Lyric now actually enjoys the homemade oatmeal.


I added a bit of apple sauce which he loves and boom! Tailor-made baby food. I feel good about it. And that’s what matters isn’t it? Feeling good and secure about the choices we make for our children.

Score one for mom and dad. The man, zero.


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