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Even Brotherly Like Would Do.

I swear, to Raine the baby doesn’t even exist unless he is forced to acknowledge Lyric or he’s mad. There has been the occasional time he’s shown a little interest and I feel I always do what I can to encourage interaction or include the baby. But I mean I get it… Raine was my world and now I have to divide my attention and can’t do some of the things we used to do together. I still struggle with that and feeling like I don’t get enough quality time with both.

I have to say, tonight was a good night in regards to showing some attention. In the bath Raine (with some encouragement) was showing and trying to tell Lyric what a splash was and got both a laugh and cry out of him. After they got out and dressed we had some family play time. While we were all playing monster Raine actually included Lyric in his “nom”ing of everything. Then as the night was winding down and I was lying on the floor talking with a rolling Lyric, Raine came and lay on his belly with us. I thought this was adorable and then he started to play “Lyrics gonna get me” for about 5 minutes. A record in this house. It melted my heart. Maybe that sounds silly but when I envisioned having two boys they were always playing, making each other laugh, hugging, getting into the cookie jar together. To finally see a glimpse of that vision was heart warming. I know what it means for me to have my sister. And I’m so happy we decided to give them that. I know it’s going to take some time but I just can’t wait to see their relationship bloom!


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