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Car seat love

Marathon 65. Frontier XT. Britax. Love. Love! LOVE!

I think the only setback of these car seats is the price. But can you put a price on your child’s safety? After the accident, I can sleep easier knowing that my children are in car seats that are made on the cutting edge of safety.

Seeing the integrated steel bar running through my babies Marathon and knowing there is the soft cell technology in both give me great piece of mind.

And the Frontier looks like a racing seat! So awesome for my toddler.

There are tons of features that I’m so in live with! The links are just push to lock on the hooks and button release. Super easy even with two on one hook.

They both have soft velvet fabric. Very padded. There are shoulder pads on the 5 point harshness and the adjusters are this soft plastic.

By far my favorite feature of these car seats are the belt tighteners! I’m still baffled over the pure genius of it. You loosen it with the touch of a button sneakily hidden right in the middle of the end of the seat which can be accessed even when the car seat is in the car. And to tighten? Just pull the strap and it locks instantly! Simple. Genius. Now to change the height of the straps it’s still same old thing but that’s no big deal.

We did have trouble putting the Marathon into the most reclined position for rear facing. And it does still seem a little high. But that is about the only issue that arose with both seats.

There is no question in my mind that they are worth every dollar spent.




  amummysviewamummysview wrote @

Fab choice, I am a BRITAX fan. Think you are right you can’t put a price on your child’s safety x

  Mommadooks wrote @

I’ve definitely a big fan now! So happy I found out about their brand. I would love a stroller too!

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