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10 Changes That Cement My Status As Mom

10. I hardly ever do my makeup anymore. I know it’s cliche but for someone that used to cake it on everyday (even though I’ve gotten out of that habit) it’s still strange that putting makeup is a treat now.

9. I will respond to one text but don’t count on a conversation. As soon as the iPhone is in sight games are being played by little hands.

8. I carry TWO enormous bags with me at all times. I have yet to find the perfect purse/diaper bag combo & I just can’t let go of my ginormous purse.

7. I always make breakfast, lunch & dinner but usually only eat 2/3 and it’s probably cold by the time I get to it. Somehow my growling tummy is always second to something else getting done.

6. I do very, very weird things and make spontaneous loud noises just to get a laugh. I don’t care how embarrassing, their laughter is worth it.

5. I will stay up late to get some me time even though I know I will pay for it the next day. I know I should be asleep but I can’t resist the temptation to do absolutely nothing productive.

4. I always have a little helper by my side. Whether it’s cooking or fixing something, little eyes are watching and want in on it.

3. I spell my cuss words. This is a big step for my sailors mouth. Trying to keep it classy.

2. I will use any excuse to get a kiss, hug and/or cuddle. It’s amazing how that can brighten my whole day.

1. I never get lonely whilst I pee. If it’s not my boys, it’s the cat who seems to think potty time is snuggle time.


The simple way we reduced the dreaded grocery bill

I’m no extreme couponer but when I figured out a ridiculously easy way to save us money on our grocery bill I remember thinking.. “I get it now.” There is something to be said (and applauded) about finding simple ways to save money that anyone, anywhere can do.

It all started one day when we found ourselves dinnerless 10 days after spending $500.00 in groceries for a month. We sat there with our stale bread and water (okay, I’m exaggerating) and tried to convince ourselves that it was right.. But.. Alas, there is no way in any way that we should have had no food after spending that amount of money! My grandparents were shaking their fingers at me from the heavens! Wasteful!

So this was the simple solution. A list. Okay, two lists. I lied. Three. But who doesn’t love lists? I guess the third is optional.

One: A list of meals. I write (okay, type) out a months worth of meals.

Two: A grocery list of said meals and whatever else you need. I created this why-yes-it-adds-it-up-for-you-and-totals-at-the-bottom GROCERY LIST to aid in my shopping. I make sure to keep my eyes out for deals online and in flyers then I enter the prices into the list so I know what I’m going in for and how much we’re going to spend.

Three: A monthly meal plan. For everyone that is as forgetful as me and never takes out dinner for the next day in time to thaw. I lovelovelove THESE! I found filling one of those bad boys out (with the meals you have already listed!) helped immensely. Hubs was impressed.

ANNNND! Ta-da! We spent $350.00 on a months worth of meals all thanks to going in with a plan and not letting our tummies do the shopping. We chopped our grocery bill almost in HALF! Easy as 1-2-3! 😉

I will fear the receipt no more!

Even Brotherly Like Would Do.

I swear, to Raine the baby doesn’t even exist unless he is forced to acknowledge Lyric or he’s mad. There has been the occasional time he’s shown a little interest and I feel I always do what I can to encourage interaction or include the baby. But I mean I get it… Raine was my world and now I have to divide my attention and can’t do some of the things we used to do together. I still struggle with that and feeling like I don’t get enough quality time with both.

I have to say, tonight was a good night in regards to showing some attention. In the bath Raine (with some encouragement) was showing and trying to tell Lyric what a splash was and got both a laugh and cry out of him. After they got out and dressed we had some family play time. While we were all playing monster Raine actually included Lyric in his “nom”ing of everything. Then as the night was winding down and I was lying on the floor talking with a rolling Lyric, Raine came and lay on his belly with us. I thought this was adorable and then he started to play “Lyrics gonna get me” for about 5 minutes. A record in this house. It melted my heart. Maybe that sounds silly but when I envisioned having two boys they were always playing, making each other laugh, hugging, getting into the cookie jar together. To finally see a glimpse of that vision was heart warming. I know what it means for me to have my sister. And I’m so happy we decided to give them that. I know it’s going to take some time but I just can’t wait to see their relationship bloom!

What isn’t better homemade?

Making your own baby food? It seems like a hassle. And it can be. Not being sure about when something is past it’s prime (like puréed bananas) is a big worry for me. But I feel proud making my baby his food. Not only do I know what exactly is in it, I know it’s healthier for him AND cheaper on us! (not to mention sans glass!)

Recently I made our own baby cereal! It was something I hadn’t even thought of before. We nixed the shudder inducing rice cereal and Lyric now actually enjoys the homemade oatmeal.


I added a bit of apple sauce which he loves and boom! Tailor-made baby food. I feel good about it. And that’s what matters isn’t it? Feeling good and secure about the choices we make for our children.

Score one for mom and dad. The man, zero.

Expecting sleep

The littlest Dookoos has been a pretty good sleeper for us. Of course in the first two months or so he was waking up to feed about every three hours but those feedings disappeared before I knew it. I found myself getting a full nights sleep with a three month old and oh the difference it makes!

So naturally I started to assume he was going to sleep through the night always. I could have a couple glasses of wine or a drink after the boys were both in bed and not feel guilty. I could go out and not worry about pumping. I stayed up late and didn’t have to even think about getting up in the middle of the night.

Apparently it was too good to be true. He’s back waking up hungry every three or four hours. I’m hoping it’s just a growth spurt or possibly because he’s practicing rolling over in his sleep? I don’t know. What I do know is that I came to expect that sleep and now that it’s changed I find myself more frustrated when dealing with it! I noticed this and didn’t like it. Not a lot of parents get the luxury of a six month old that sleeps through the night unless they have let them cry it out. So I realized I’ve been lucky. I’m letting go of my sleep expectations for my baby. I smiled at him tonight while changing his diaper when he woke up around midnight. Granted I hadn’t fallen asleep yet but it’s funny how a different outlook can change your whole perspective and take the stress out.

I just don’t want to be doing this until he’s one and a half like Raine.

Car seat love

Marathon 65. Frontier XT. Britax. Love. Love! LOVE!

I think the only setback of these car seats is the price. But can you put a price on your child’s safety? After the accident, I can sleep easier knowing that my children are in car seats that are made on the cutting edge of safety.

Seeing the integrated steel bar running through my babies Marathon and knowing there is the soft cell technology in both give me great piece of mind.

And the Frontier looks like a racing seat! So awesome for my toddler.

There are tons of features that I’m so in live with! The links are just push to lock on the hooks and button release. Super easy even with two on one hook.

They both have soft velvet fabric. Very padded. There are shoulder pads on the 5 point harshness and the adjusters are this soft plastic.

By far my favorite feature of these car seats are the belt tighteners! I’m still baffled over the pure genius of it. You loosen it with the touch of a button sneakily hidden right in the middle of the end of the seat which can be accessed even when the car seat is in the car. And to tighten? Just pull the strap and it locks instantly! Simple. Genius. Now to change the height of the straps it’s still same old thing but that’s no big deal.

We did have trouble putting the Marathon into the most reclined position for rear facing. And it does still seem a little high. But that is about the only issue that arose with both seats.

There is no question in my mind that they are worth every dollar spent.


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