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25 Things My Children Should Know How To Do Before They Leave Home

Okay, so it’s probably a lot more than 25 with everything in bracets buuut, oh well! Here they are:

  1. Manage personal finances & loans (budget, save, pay bills, credit cards, etc.)
  2. Cook (On a grill, as well)
  3. Do laundry
  4. Clean a house properly (bathrooms especially!)
  5. Maintain a house (change a light bulb, paint, clean drain, mow lawn, etc.)
  6. Maintain a vehicle (change a tire, oil, windshield washer fluid, jump, etc.)
  7. Prioritize
  8. Research an answer
  9. Pick produce (Checking for ripeness)
  10. Self-defence & keeping safe in dangerous situations
  11. How to build & keep credit in good standing
  12. Send a piece of mail or package
  13. Use protection
  14. Drink responsibly
  15. Tie a tie
  16. Start & put out a fire
  17. Recycle & conserve energy
  18. How to really listen & put yourself in someone else’s shoes
  19. About setting & achieving goals
  20. Gracefully handle a loss, failure or mistake & how to win humbly
  21. How to safely & effectively use basic hand tools (Hammer, drill, axe, etc.)
  22. Compromise
  23.  The importance of manners & common courtesy (Respecting elders, opening the door, etc.)
  24. Read a map & give directions
  25. Agreeing to disagree & respecting differences


Looking at this list, I know it will help in teaching some of these if we really make it a point to lead by example. One of the beauties about having children is that it can really motivate you to be a better person.

I’m sure I will be adding more! That was fun.


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