Somewhere inbetween being a mom & insanity!

Where’s the manual??

When I was pregnant, the first time more than the last, I researched EVERYTHING. Safety, breastfeeding, labour, discipline, circumcision, solids, sleeping.. Whatever I could think of, any articles that lead to. If it was about babies, I read it. I found it comforting and it helped me feel more in control.

I don’t do that anymore. And I find myself thinking that I should. For toddlers now. I definitely don’t deal with certain situations (emphasis on tantrums) in a productive way. But I guess it’s just wishful thinking to expect to always be able to do that… Or is it?

I knew I would be a pushover when it came to discipline. Now the hitting and throwing things when angry have gotten out of hand. And I have done what I said I wouldn’t. I give Raine a smack on the fingers if he gets too out of hand. And then I feel horribly guilty. Like I’m the worst mom in the universe and they should just lock me up and throw away the keys! I say sorry. I hug him and tell him I shouldn’t have done that, always. It still kills me. I don’t want to do it anymore. I always thought i followed more of the attatchment parenting ways. My babies have never cried it out. Raine was nursed until he was about 2 and a half. They have been stuck to my hip since birth… I never thought I would hit my child. And then I tell him “We don’t hit people.” Ha! Ridiculous. I need to find a different technique and use it consciously every time I feel it getting too much.

I don’t want to spank.

When time-out doesn’t work… What do you do?


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