Somewhere inbetween being a mom & insanity!



I grew up with my aunty panty basically in the place where my father should have been. A second mother really. She miraculously just survived a series of small and large heart attacks. I’m so happy she’s okay but like my uncle said she has a long road to recovery. When something like this happens it usually triggers change. Obviously a huge one for her. But I’m feeling the repercussions of it too and want to take hold of it and make some big changes myself.

On a happy note The Littlest Dookoos and I are on a bus home now after leaving Raine and hubby and driving the three hours to see her two days ago. Two days seems too long to be away from my little man. Oh how I miss him! (until he starts driving me up the walls like always hahah) No place I would rather be.


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