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25 Things My Children Should Know How To Do Before They Leave Home

Okay, so it’s probably a lot more than 25 with everything in bracets buuut, oh well! Here they are:

  1. Manage personal finances & loans (budget, save, pay bills, credit cards, etc.)
  2. Cook (On a grill, as well)
  3. Do laundry
  4. Clean a house properly (bathrooms especially!)
  5. Maintain a house (change a light bulb, paint, clean drain, mow lawn, etc.)
  6. Maintain a vehicle (change a tire, oil, windshield washer fluid, jump, etc.)
  7. Prioritize
  8. Research an answer
  9. Pick produce (Checking for ripeness)
  10. Self-defence & keeping safe in dangerous situations
  11. How to build & keep credit in good standing
  12. Send a piece of mail or package
  13. Use protection
  14. Drink responsibly
  15. Tie a tie
  16. Start & put out a fire
  17. Recycle & conserve energy
  18. How to really listen & put yourself in someone else’s shoes
  19. About setting & achieving goals
  20. Gracefully handle a loss, failure or mistake & how to win humbly
  21. How to safely & effectively use basic hand tools (Hammer, drill, axe, etc.)
  22. Compromise
  23.  The importance of manners & common courtesy (Respecting elders, opening the door, etc.)
  24. Read a map & give directions
  25. Agreeing to disagree & respecting differences


Looking at this list, I know it will help in teaching some of these if we really make it a point to lead by example. One of the beauties about having children is that it can really motivate you to be a better person.

I’m sure I will be adding more! That was fun.


Search for safety

My boys, brother-in-law, and myself got into a car accident. I slid into the intersection after trying to stop on a yellow and t boned a car making an illegal left hand turn. Our car has been written off & the insurance adjuster told us new car seats will be covered!

Not gunna lie, it was traumatic for me. I have only driven once since. To go get the license plate from the car. It started to snow and my heart beat out of my chest. I was this close to turning around and getting someone else to go but I said to myself if you don’t do it now you probably never will.

When I got to the auto shop the guy said “Ahhh, the dreaded sunfire.” apparently we have been driving a death box this whole time and front end collisions in those cars have had the most fatalities! That is honestly the first time I realized the importance of safety ratings. Car seats are not just something for children to sit in because they are small. It could save my kids lives.

And here we are. After some research I have narrowed down my search for the safest car seat to ONE. It now seems like a no brainier.


I had never even heard the name! (possibly because babies r us doesn’t carry it) And yet everywhere I looked, in every review, that brand was there. Apparently they are on the cutting edge. I still have to figure out which two to pick but I feel confident that the brand will live up to the hype and I will be able to drive with ease. Once we get a vehicle.

Where’s the manual??

When I was pregnant, the first time more than the last, I researched EVERYTHING. Safety, breastfeeding, labour, discipline, circumcision, solids, sleeping.. Whatever I could think of, any articles that lead to. If it was about babies, I read it. I found it comforting and it helped me feel more in control.

I don’t do that anymore. And I find myself thinking that I should. For toddlers now. I definitely don’t deal with certain situations (emphasis on tantrums) in a productive way. But I guess it’s just wishful thinking to expect to always be able to do that… Or is it?

I knew I would be a pushover when it came to discipline. Now the hitting and throwing things when angry have gotten out of hand. And I have done what I said I wouldn’t. I give Raine a smack on the fingers if he gets too out of hand. And then I feel horribly guilty. Like I’m the worst mom in the universe and they should just lock me up and throw away the keys! I say sorry. I hug him and tell him I shouldn’t have done that, always. It still kills me. I don’t want to do it anymore. I always thought i followed more of the attatchment parenting ways. My babies have never cried it out. Raine was nursed until he was about 2 and a half. They have been stuck to my hip since birth… I never thought I would hit my child. And then I tell him “We don’t hit people.” Ha! Ridiculous. I need to find a different technique and use it consciously every time I feel it getting too much.

I don’t want to spank.

When time-out doesn’t work… What do you do?


I’m having a hard time finding some mommy blogs that draw me in and that i can relate too…

I guess i will stick to money-saving tips.



I love shoes. I love office supplies. You’d be crazy not to love tape. Why don’t I own this?!



I grew up with my aunty panty basically in the place where my father should have been. A second mother really. She miraculously just survived a series of small and large heart attacks. I’m so happy she’s okay but like my uncle said she has a long road to recovery. When something like this happens it usually triggers change. Obviously a huge one for her. But I’m feeling the repercussions of it too and want to take hold of it and make some big changes myself.

On a happy note The Littlest Dookoos and I are on a bus home now after leaving Raine and hubby and driving the three hours to see her two days ago. Two days seems too long to be away from my little man. Oh how I miss him! (until he starts driving me up the walls like always hahah) No place I would rather be.


I need to learn how to stop and take a breath sometimes. I know a calm stern voice works so much better than a harsh shout.

I don’t want to be one of those moms that is always yelling & nagging their kids… But it’s soooo harrrrrrrrrd.


On a lighter note, we laughed a lot yesterday & today. 🙂

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