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One of those GOOD days.

We stayed in all day today. But we laughed. We played. And even the few mini tantrums were not so bad. It was a good time for one of those relaxing, loving days today. I think the smiles I got today really brightened up my mood. Or maybe the smiles were more because of my mood? Who knows.. I definately got more random kisses from the big boy today (one even included a random hug). Random hugs and kisses are few and far between from our rough and tumble boy. I would say, and I think Raine would too, that “airplane” was the highlight of the day. Classic. I need to think of more like that.


Spread your wings and soar!

My son was trying and trying to put on his own socks yesterday. He kept saying, “I can’t do it…”, “Try again baby! You almost got it!”.. Flash forward five minutes later when he had both of them on; The look he gave me is an image I will cherish in my mind FOREVER. So proud. So amazing. So HAPPY! “Look mommy, i DID it!” It just instantly melt my heart and brought tears to my eyes. That look… I can’t explain the feeling. I realized moments like these are probably the greatest in motherhood. And they just keep getting greater, don’t they?


Fly, my baby boy… Fly.


“As little children, we are authentic. only the present time is real for us; we don’t care about the past, and we aren’t worried about the future. we enjoy life; we want to explore and have fun. nobody teaches us to be that way; we are born that way.”

Baking… vice?

I think I have turned to baking to cope with being lonely! It makes me feel like i’ve accomplished something good. So far i’ve made peanut butter balls (ignore that you don’t bake those), creme puffs & shortbread cookies! Tomorrow, sugar cookies and chocolate chip banana bread muffins! Yayy! Bring on the extra pounds. I could use ’em!


The Hubby is working out of the city for two weeks. It kills me. We are attached at the hip. I know it goes by fast because this time last year he did the same (only for longer). I just hate not having him coming home to look forward to. I get a nice view of how hard it would be without him. Which I guess would be good… If I needed that to appreciate him. Buuut I don’t. So it’s just loneliness. And I find myself trying so hard to fill the time so I don’t think about how much I really miss him. I will probably cry the first time Raine asks for him. Boo… At least Lyric won’t know the difference.. Or will he??

Bittersweet toddlerhood.

Our oldest is sleeping in a twin bed for the first time tonight… To see my little man in such a big bed was bittersweet. It made me realize that we really are moving on to the next chapter in his childhood. I’m not gunna lie, i teared up. But that’s what you do as a parent. You work towards these things so that some day they can fly away and take good care of themselves. And all you can hope is that you’ve instilled good values and morals that will help and guide them along the way. So in a sense you will always be with your children…

Embrace the choas!

My hope is that this blog serves as a window, mirror and haven for me and anyone that comes across it.

I’m striving to be a mother whose children listen but aren’t afraid to voice their opinion. I want my children to trust and respect us but realize that even mommy and daddy make mistakes too. I never want my children to be afraid to talk to me but i want them to know that they will always get an honest answer. I want to teach them to love and treat every creature with respect and compassion. I want them to know that even though there are so many scary things in this world there is also so much beauty. I want them to always try to see the good in people but to know when to walk away. I want them to help. I want them to always laugh.

I want them to know that as long as they are happy, we are.

It’s funny, no one ever tells you that when you have a child your happiness suddenly depends on theirs.

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